The Sitao Corporation - Performing Arts.Outreach.After School
About Us
The Sitao Corporation is an independent, non-profit Corporation that is funded solely by donations, federal and state grants to provide services to underserved youth groups and for any and all other charitable or religious groups. We focus on a limited number of areas and programs.
Summer Music Camp and Performing Arts
Our Objective is to elevate the knowledge of musical diversity and the performing arts within the youth in Maryland communities. We offer a music enrichment program that includes vocal training, theory, sight singing, stage presence and performance etiquette and much more. This is an opportunity for music students to improve their musical skills and enhance their social development.
After-school tutorial programs
After-school tutorial programs are set up to provide instruction that extends beyond the regular school day, for purposes of remediation or acceleration of learning. In its broadest sense, "after-school" tutoring may occur at any time outside of the regular school day (e.g., before and after school, during intercessions in year-round programs, or in other settings such as Saturday Academies).
Community Outreach Programs
These programs are designed to produce and coordinate community enrichment events and activities, develop and nurture community relationships and support.
Benefits of these programs
These programs will impact student learning in a number of ways: 
  • improve grades and academic achievement
  • increase interest and ability in all academic areas
  • develop new interests and skills
  • higher school attendance rates and lower dropout rates
  • improve homework completion, both in terms of quantity and quality
  • fewer grade retentions and special education placements
  • more self-confidence and higher aspirations for the future, including intentions to graduate from high school and to attend college
  • helps to close the gap and give a balanced programming that our youth needs to succeed in life
  • promote community service 
 Scholarship Program
  •  Applications can be downloaded here.